Sunday, January 19, 2020

The eMINT is an electronic / digital unit representating a basket of commodities, as traded in specific markets around the globe (e,g, energy, precious metals etc.).

eMINTS are fully backed-up through contracts traded in the commodity markets. The basic eMINT (eMINT Gold) represents the physically amount of gold stored in a safe facility. Silver / Bronse eMINTS follows the Gold eMints standards in classical values settings. 

Our programs provide the facilities to buy, sell and store eMINTS in a secure manner supporting different type of devices from any location. Our international network allows deposits and retrieval of eMINTs at compitative conditions.  

Exchange of information and transactional activities can be initiated from a variety of devices such as Smart Phones,Tablets, Laptops and a wide array of Work Stations.

With the full coverage of eMINTS by real commodity contracts it avoids the inherent risks of virtual currencies.

For a full background in the evolution of the eMINT pls click here.


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