Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Ecology Friendly Design

The crypto-world has seen the introduction of computing farms for the execution of the multiple processes embedded in the design of most crypto's. (BITCOIN / Etherum etc.) 

Most crypto-designs are using interative computer application processes with the aim to reduce the execution-costs of the transactions. Costs include computer resources and related "MINERS" fees. These designs has caused the closure of many "FARMS" by various governments around the world to reduce the power / electricity usage in support of the multiple programs of CO2 reductions ("the Green Waves").

In contrast the eMINT Design is based on classical IT infra-structures used in the Financial world over the last 30 + years. By applying this design the iterative processes and related ''MINERS" fees are avoided.

Advantages are :

  1. a reliable and proven IT infrastructure
  2. Low power consumption
  3. Fast execution time
  4. Integrated solution for the central banks and it's partners
  5. Scalable implementation for hardware and software components (On Premise or Cloud )

The application-components are based on well known software platforms supported by the respectable hardware and software suppliers.

For the central banks an integrated solution is provided in support of the creation of the applicable 'NOTES" within their legal responsability/ jurisdictions. This design allows the Central Banks to keep control of the money in circulation.

The eMINT wallets are supporting the commonly used platforms for retail transactions. Registration and Installation of the eMINT wallet is quick, while users training is less than 15 minutes for current users of online banking.

The main advantages for the eMINT wallet users are payments privacy and off-line payments in places where no internet connections can be active.